40 years of 2001, Barbarella and Yvette Mimieux

space station interior

Its 40 years since the showing of 2001 a groundbreaking science fiction film directed by Stanley Kubrick written by Arthur C. Clarke. the movie still holds up but its beginning show its age only the quality of the effects makes it stand out. A CGI movie made five years back would show its age even quickly with the way CGI updates its software to come out with more realistic rendering.

Watching 2001 and you see an age past a look at the 60’s the way they think design will be in the future quite amazing and nostalgic something why Austin Powers was a cool movie. Groovy Baby!


Barbarella’s cool campy fashion styling, only from the 60’s. Barbarella was a fashion and culture movie with sex on the side.

Amazing stuff from 1968. Gosh, gas prices were still so low no OPEC embargos, no AIDS the sexual revolution was in high gear it was a groovy time baby!

time machine

Time Machine another George Pal film and a very good one. If you know the H.G. Wells story then you know about the time traveller goes to the future and finds humanity divided into two distinct species. Rod Taylor who plays the lead finds the beautiful Yvette Mimieux saves her from drowning and saves the Eloi from the carnivorous Morlocks.

eloi and morlock

Yvette Mimieux -she’s so beautiful! A Classic beauty from an age long past.

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5 thoughts on “40 years of 2001, Barbarella and Yvette Mimieux

  1. We’ve been spoiled not just by better CGI, but by better production values all round.
    In older movies, you had to have a great deal more of what the English majors call “the willing suspension of disbelief.”
    Case in point — the overdone fright wig in the pic above is ludicrous; you have to really work at it to not crack up laughing. Oh, and the monster’s matching hairpiece is almost as funny…
    Kinda takes the edge off the intent of the scene.
    Speaking of which, the semiotics of expression seem to have changed a lot, too.
    In that pic, she’s apparently reacting to the impending situation; but is she in terror, or ecstasy, at the fact that (one way or another, it would seem) she’s about to be eaten?

  2. “Yvette Mimieux -she’s so beautiful! A Classic beauty from an age long past.”

    Holy Cow, it wasn’t THAT long ago! She’s only a year and half older than I am! (We Baby Boomers haven’t figured out yet that we’re aging…)

  3. Hollywood movies always destroy the genius of inventors. The planet Saturn doesn’t have discs, it has rings. One big hole in the middle for the planet. Phonographs in HG Wells day had the hole in the middle to spin those rings. The sound track though a spiral line is still a ring. It does not to the center of the disc. Put a hole in the middle of a vinyl record or in the middle of a compact disc and it becomes a ring. Spinning a ring and creating sound from a beam of light is very stupidly portrayed in this still-pic of this movie THE TIME MACHINE because they spin the rings by hand with no turntable. Oh yes the ring is on the table, but the table doesn’t spin. And the table has no center post to hand spin these futuristic rings that play with a beam of light, In fact, I recall that when a phonograph didn’t spin because the rubber belt was broken, a person could spin the table by hand to spin our 33 and 45 vinyl rings and still hear the sound. BUT in this movie they spin these rings like they spin a top. And the beam of light has to follow the ring just like the laser in a compact disc. NOW I would venture to say Hollywood did crap with a vision that HG Wells had far more accurate than these millionaire producers, movie companies, investing actors ever do to justify the genius to show millions of people. In fact I still stand by it when I say Spielberg’s ET elevated flying bicycles stole the genius from Disneys escape to witch mountains elevated flying RV. Need I say Edison’s rape of Tesla?

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