SciFi Cinema from the 50’s

I just finished writing about 50’s SciFi cinema there’s a lot of movies made in that era and I couldn’t put all of them in the article.


A lot of films produced were B-movies, there are some good most of them bad. From what I read this films were made for the Drive-in Theaters. Drive-ins are more social than for watching they needed something to show on the screen. People were also watching more often than today I guess television was something new and just beginning to be accepted as a new medium.

The 50’s had two icons, Ray Harryhausen and George Pal if it wasn’t for them, SciFi cinema would be nothing. Their contribution to special effects and animation are simply enormous! CGI animation got their techniques from them particularly Ray Harryhausen.

Ray Harryhausen got his start with Willis O’Brien after watching King Kong he started making his own home movies animating whatever he had in his home. In his later years he got to work with Willis O’Brien in Mighty Joe Young which got an Oscar for special effects.

Harryhausen would later team up with producer Charles H. Schneer and make those memorable Harryhausen films, Earth vs. the Flying Saucers,20 Million Miles to Earth, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad and much more.

George Pal is famous for Pupettoons his trademark puppet animation. Pal would replace heads or body parts to animate instead of just bending the model that way they have a record of the animation and can always do it again flawlessly this technique has been used by Tim Burton in “Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride”.

Pal would be more famous for his live action films  using his experience to create miniatures and special effects that amazed audiences. Destination Moon,War of the Worlds are some of his films that won academy awards for special effects.

A lot happened in the 50’s- the beginning of the Cold war, Korean war, nuclear tests, flying saucer sightings, space flight…. a decade of tension and and imagination people probably wanted to escape a bit from everyday life and the Studios obliged.

Its still fun to watched this films I got some of them and I’ll be enjoying some rest for a while watching Sinbad and The Blob, War of the Worlds, etc…

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